• Free Dental Care for Children for Give Kids a Smile Day!
    On Wednesday, February 13, 2019 Dr. Robb's office will offer free preventive care to children ages 17 and under as part of the nation-wide Give Kids A Smile. Appointments are Read more
  • What You Should Know Before You Start Cancer Treatment
    The last thing you want to have to think about during cancer treatment is a dental emergency—seeing your dentist before you start is the best way to begin. If possible, Read more
  • Can You Refuse Dental X-Rays?
    A patient always has the choice of whether to proceed with any recommended treatment. Just as in medical procedures, a patient can refuse a diagnostic test, dental treatment or even Read more
  • By The Skin of Your Teeth
    Have you ever heard the expression “by the skin of your teeth” and wondered what it meant? After all, teeth don’t have skin—at least not skin like the rest of Read more
  • Janet Jackson: Even pop stars get insecure about their smiles!
    Multi-platinum recording artist Janet Jackson has long been known for her dazzling smile. And yet, Jackson admitted to InStyle Magazine that her trademark smile was once a major source Read more
  • Oil Pulling
    Oil pulling has received quite a bit of attention in the media lately with claims that it whitens your teeth, reduces cavities, and increases both oral and overall health.   What is Read more
  • Teeth Sensitivity After Restorative Care
    Q: I recently had some dental work done, and now my teeth are sensitive. Why is that, and how long will it last?   There are several reasons why a tooth can Read more
  • Reasons Why You Should See A Dentist
    Dental care and dental insurance are often viewed as an “extra” or a luxury.  But your mouth is part of your body, so oral health is important to your overall Read more
  • Dental Implants: How They Can Be Used In Your Mouth
    Even with all the information out there about dental implants, they often are not what most people imagine that they are. Dental implants are quite versatile and have many uses Read more
  • Crown Lengthening Might be Necessary for Seniors with Tooth Decay
    While tooth decay is a potential problem at any age, the risk increases as you grow older. Not only are senior adults more susceptible, decay is often more difficult Read more
  • What Drinks are Best for Your Teeth?
    The short answer to the title question is water and milk. All other beverages fall into the acidic side of the pH scale. Acids will dissolve your tooth enamel and make Read more
  • Retain Your New Smile After Braces with a Retainer
    It’s been a long road with your braces, but now they’re finally off. Hopefully the first glimpse of your new smile more than made up for the time and Read more
  • Bad Breath
    Bad breath: We all have it from time to time. Here are some possible causes:   Can be caused by dry mouth (which can result from mouth breathing, medication side effects, or Read more
  • Lingual Braces Offer a Less Visible Alternative to Traditional Braces
    We’re all familiar with tried and true traditional braces and perhaps with newer clear aligners for realigning teeth. But there’s an even more novel way that’s quickly becoming popular: Read more
  • Asthma and Your Mouth
    You wouldn’t think that something like asthma would affect your mouth, but surprise! It does. It is estimated that more than 25 million Americans have some form of asthma.   Asthma is Read more
  • Life Is Sometimes a Grind for Brooke Shields
    Ever since childhood, when her career as a model and actress took off, Brooke Shields has enjoyed worldwide recognition — through advertisements for designer jeans, appearances on The Muppet Read more