• What does Dr. Seuss have to do with Dentistry?
    I just finished Becoming Dr. Seuss: Theodor Geisel and the Making of America's Imagination by Brian Jones. I remember reading Dr. Seuss books when younger and while parts of this Read more
  • We were at the Lorain County Health Fair in Wellington, OH on May 11, 2019
    Dr. Jennifer Robb did dental education and offered a raffle basked at the Lorain County Health Fair on May 11, 2019 at First United Methodis Church in Wellington, OH. Attendees Read more
  • More Change
    Seems like change in inevitable in my life. Many of you know my long-time front desk person, Patti. Several years ago, Patti was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)--the Read more
  • Cracked Tooth Syndrome
    Cracked Tooth Syndrome is well known within the dental profession. Unfortunately it is often hard to diagnose for a number of reasons:   Dental x-rays often don’t show the microfractures Patients often have Read more
  • Dental Insurance
    Now, more than ever, there seem to be many different types of dental insurance and discount plans to choose from. It’s easy to get confused with all the terminology. Every Read more
  • Brush and Floss at the Same Time!
    We all know we should floss. Despite the recent news story claiming flossing isn’t supported by research studies, almost any dentist or dental hygienist will tell you that we see Read more
  • Change
    Some people welcome change; others dread it. For me, change is never easy, so it is with a bittersweet note that I report that Denise has chosen to open a Read more
  • What Would You Give Your Eyeteeth For?
    Have you ever heard someone say “I would give my eye teeth for that”? The phrase suggests that your eye teeth are valuable and that giving them up would cause Read more
  • What You Can Do About the Color of Your Teeth
    For most of us, teeth do darken (usually to a more yellow shade) as we age. Tobacco, foods, beverages and tartar deposits can stain your tooth enamel. (Enamel is what Read more
  • Cavities and Dental Decay
    Teeth are meant to last a lifetime. It is a myth that you have to lose teeth as you get older. The two most common reasons that adults lose teeth Read more
  • April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month
    April is Oral Cancer Awareness month. In the past year, I personally know two people who were diagnosed with head & neck cancers. Other people you may have heard of Read more
  • A Cleaning is a Cleaning, Or is it?
    You may think all dental cleanings are the same, but in reality, there are different cleaning types for different circumstances. The type of cleaning you need is determined by how Read more
  • What Are Tooth Colored Fillings?
    Tooth-colored fillings fix dental decay, but unlike old-fashioned metal fillings, they leave your smile seamlessly restored. Dr. Jennifer Robb, your dentist in Lorain, OH, uses these cosmetic fillings in a Read more
  • Bated (or Baited) Breath
    Have you ever heard the term waiting with bated (or baited) breath? Most sources agree that bated, which is a shortened form of abated, is the correct spelling for the Read more
  • Home Care Is Not Enough!
    While we certainly hope you are diligent with your home dental program, even the best oral home care is not enough. Your home care is only part of the solution Read more
  • Oral Care for Kids
    Taking care of the mouth starts before your child has teeth.  You should wipe your baby’s gums with a wet washcloth after feeding to get them used to the post-eating Read more