• Dentistry for the Faint of Heart
    Many people have a phobia about visiting the dentist. Are you one of them? Research suggests that millions of people have at least some dental anxiety and many are so Read more
  • October is National Dental Hygiene Month!
    Are you aware that your mouth can be an early indicator of serious health problems? Many people are not aware that their teeth and mouth can show signs of medical Read more
  • Teeth Are a Need & a Want!
    Lately, I’ve seen some commercials from dental insurance companies showing wallets trying to run away when they hear dentists telling their owners about needed dentistry.  (If you haven’t seen it, Read more
  • Why Monitor A Problem If You Don't Fix It?
    Have you seen the commercial about the dentist who’s only a “dental monitor”? In other words, he only finds the problem and tells you about it; he doesn’t fix it. Read more
  • Recommended Dental Treatment: Is Your Answer "No, Never" or "No, Not Now"?
    Just this week, I had a patient asking us to do “just a cleaning” (a preventive service) when he/she clearly needed treatment for his/her gums. We can’t prevent something that’s Read more
  • What Can I Take For My Toothache?
    If you’ve had a toothache, you know they are miserable and often, very little helps make your toothache go away. Why is that?   Tooth pain has many different causes. One cause Read more
  • Scarce As Hen's Teeth!
    Scarce as hen’s teeth is a saying that means very rare. Birds don’t have teeth, instead stones in their gizzard cut food like our teeth do.   But did you know we Read more
  • Rejuvenate Your Look with Porcelain Veneers
    Get that beautiful Hollywood-esque smile with dental veneers. Want to give your smile and appearance a major makeover without having to undergo serious and invasive dental treatment? If so, you’ve Read more
  • Tooth Sensitivity & Whitening
    The most common side effect of tooth whitening is sensitive teeth or sensitivity around the teeth you are whitening.     Soft Tissue Sensitivity: Whitening concentrations higher than 15% can irritate your soft Read more
  • Response to "The Root Cause"
    Recently I've seen several references to a documentary named "The Root Cause" and just this week someone at the office asked me about it I have not seen this personally Read more
  • Making a 1 Tooth Problem Into a 3 Tooth Problem
    For many years Fixed Partial Dentures (FPDs or Fixed Bridges) were the high-end standard of care to replace a missing tooth. With the advent of dental implants, that perception has Read more
  • In The Teeth Of . . .
    If something flies “in the teeth of” something else it is opposing it. This uses opposing as a verb (action word). In dentistry, opposing is used as an adjective (describing Read more
  • What is a Periodontal Pocket?
    Your gums form a sort of “turtleneck” around your teeth. When you wear a turtleneck shirt, you can slide a finger between the cloth and your neck. The same thing Read more
  • Vaping and E-Cigs May Affect Your Dental Health!
    There is a common belief that e-cigarettes and vaping are less harmful and have less health risks than standard cigarettes and other tobacco use. E-cigarettes use a cartridge to deliver nicotine. Read more
  • Should You Be Crowned?
    Many people call a tooth crown a cap. A crown (or cap) restores your tooth to its normal size and shape. It strengthens weak teeth by completely covering and surrounding Read more
  • What a Family Dentist Can Do For You
    How your family dentist in Lorain, Ohio, can protect your household's smiles! Did you know that having a family dentist could greatly simplify your life? It’s true! Just imagine the convenience Read more