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Dental Implants: No Matter What Anyone Tells You, They're Not A One Visit Process!

You’re busy and you want to maximize what’s done at each appointment you have. But don’t fall for those claims that you’ll get dental implants in one visit. If you look at the fine print details, you’ll find that the steps to getting your dental implant are pretty much the same no matter where you go.


The first step is treatment planning. This involves diagnosing the condition of your mouth and teeth and developing a plan for treatment to overcome your dental problems. Any consultations with medical or dental personnel are part of this step. This step also involves dental x-rays, impressions, and other aids. Once a plan is developed, it should be discussed with you in detail so that you know what the plan is and are on board and committed to the treatment. This is not a step you want to hurry through. Planning is what sets the stage for long-term success! (Note: Often this step is when you will learn what the treatment will cost and determine how you will afford it. Depending on where you go, this step may be accomplished in one visit or in multiple visits.)


The second step is when your dental implant is placed. You will spend three (3) to six (6) months allowing the bone to heal and grow around the dental implant. You should receive regular monitoring visits during your healing. In some cases, you may have a temporary appliance of some sort. This appliance may be adjusted or relined during these monitoring visits.


The third step is when we start fine tuning how the implant and your jaw and/or other teeth fit together. More impressions may be taken to create your final appliance which can be a crown, fixed bridge, or removable appliance. This step often involves the help of a dental lab. Many times, you will be able to preview and approve your new teeth.


The final step is teaching you how to care for your dental implant(s) and placing you on a regular visit schedule to monitor your progress and check the implant and your restoration or appliance. 


What those one (1) visit places don’t tell you is that you will have at least 2 visits with them before “the big day”. The first one being to evaluate you and present the treatment plan. The second visit is to get all the preliminaries done. This might include meeting the team that will be working on you, getting impressions, and getting measurements. It is at the third visit that you finally have your implants placed—and if they do put something on them that day, it is a temporary appliance—meaning you still need to go back at least one more time to get the real appliance or crown.


So, whether you go to one of the places that claims one visit implants or to an independent dental office, the process is pretty much the same.

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*Note: The information in this article is not meant to replace the clinical judgment of your healthcare providers.


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