• Why Do Dentists Take Dental X-Rays?
    Though we call them x-rays, the proper term is dental radiographs. X-rays are the energy the machine puts out to create the image (dental radiograph). For the purposes of this Read more
  • Follow the Fast-Food Lead: Cut Back Sodas in Your Child's Diet
    You can find some version of the ever popular kids’ meal at most major fast-food restaurants. It’s a neat little package: child’s size portions of burgers, chicken nuggets or Read more
  • Resolutions and Habits
    In a few days, we’ll be wishing each other “Happy New Year!”! For most of us, the New Year signals a time to make resolutions for the months ahead.  We Read more
  • You May Need Something Other Than Ointment to Clear up This Facial Rash
    During your latest dental cleaning and checkup, your dentist notices a skin rash around your mouth. You sigh—it’s been going on for some time. And every ointment you’ve tried Read more
  • Health Talk in "The Morning Journal" is Ending
    These blog articles started because of a column called Health Talk in "The Morning Journal" newspaper. I have enjoyed writing them. My inspiration for topics comes from a variety of Read more
  • The Waterlase MD Dental Laser
    I’ve had some questions from several of you about my Waterlase MD dental laser. This device has multiple settings so it can be used for a variety of dental procedures, Read more
  • Follow These Holiday Toy Tips for Your Kids to Avoid Dental Injuries
    The holidays draw families together like no other season as loved ones gather from near and far to eat, drink and be merry—and exchange gifts. For the little kids Read more
  • The Mouth-Body Link
    Your mouth is part of your body, and even though we don’t often think of it, there is a link between what happens in and to your mouth and what Read more
  • Healthy Smiles for Alfonso Ribeiro and Family
    If there's anything that makes Alfonso Ribeiro happier than his long-running gig as host of America's Funniest Home Videos, it's the time he gets to spend with his family: Read more
  • Your Hormones and Your Medications May Affect Your Mouth
    Your mouth is part of your body, so it’s logical that what’s in your body can affect your mouth. We have long known that hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause gums Read more
  • Tinsel Teeth!
    Do you hear the expression “Tinsel Teeth” anymore? It used to be a common phrase used for someone who had braces (or orthodontia if you like big words).   Dental braces are Read more
  • Share These Timely Dental Care Tips With Your College-Bound Son or Daughter
    It's a “change” moment when your child leaves home to attend college for the first time. For many, it's the first time to truly be on their own. While Read more
  • Helping Your Body Heal Your Gums
    Healthier gums mean healthier teeth and a healthier body. Are there ways to help your gums be as healthy as they can be? The answer, as with most things in dentistry, is Read more
  • We Are Moving December 5, 2019!
    After 20 years at our current location, Dr. Jennifer Robb's dental office will be moving on December 5, 2019. Our new address will be 1320 Cooper Foster Park Rd., Lorain, Read more
  • Chronic Mouth Breathing Could Create Conditions for a Poor Bite
    Breathing: You hardly notice it unless you're consciously focused on it—or something's stopping it! So, take a few seconds and pay attention to your breathing. Then ask yourself this question—are Read more
  • Bright Holiday Smiles!
    The Holidays are right around the corner, and most of us want to present our prettiest smile when we see friends, relatives and co-workers at various holiday events. What’s the Read more