• Response to "The Root Cause"
    Recently I've seen several references to a documentary named "The Root Cause" and just this week someone at the office asked me about it I have not seen this personally Read more
  • Making a 1 Tooth Problem Into a 3 Tooth Problem
    For many years Fixed Partial Dentures (FPDs or Fixed Bridges) were the high-end standard of care to replace a missing tooth. With the advent of dental implants, that perception has Read more
  • Sedation can Make Dental Treatment Easier for High Anxiety Patients
    Most dental procedures today only require local anesthesia to numb just the affected area. It's a safer approach than general anesthesia: the unconscious state created by putting someone "to Read more
  • In The Teeth Of . . .
    If something flies “in the teeth of” something else it is opposing it. This uses opposing as a verb (action word). In dentistry, opposing is used as an adjective (describing Read more
  • Fan of Superhero Film Black Panther Breaks Steel Wire...with Her Mouth!
    Some moviegoers have been known to crunch popcorn, bite their fingers or grab their neighbor’s hands during the intense scenes of a thriller. But for one fan, the on-screen Read more
  • What is a Periodontal Pocket?
    Your gums form a sort of “turtleneck” around your teeth. When you wear a turtleneck shirt, you can slide a finger between the cloth and your neck. The same thing Read more
  • Anchorage Tools Help Orthodontists Correct Complex Bite Problems
    While braces are often the stars for straightening smiles, they're not the only cast members in an orthodontic production. Orthodontists occasionally turn to other appliances if the bite problem Read more
  • Vaping and E-Cigs May Affect Your Dental Health!
    There is a common belief that e-cigarettes and vaping are less harmful and have less health risks than standard cigarettes and other tobacco use. E-cigarettes use a cartridge to deliver nicotine. Read more
  • Affordable Veneers Can Give You a New Smile
    Your teeth are sound and healthy—but appearance-wise, they're nothing to write home about. It's nothing major: a chip, some heavy staining or perhaps a slight gap between the front Read more
  • Should You Be Crowned?
    Many people call a tooth crown a cap. A crown (or cap) restores your tooth to its normal size and shape. It strengthens weak teeth by completely covering and surrounding Read more
  • What a Family Dentist Can Do For You
    How your family dentist in Lorain, Ohio, can protect your household's smiles! Did you know that having a family dentist could greatly simplify your life? It’s true! Just imagine the convenience Read more
  • Dental Implants: No Matter What Anyone Tells You, They're Not A One Visit Process!
    You’re busy and you want to maximize what’s done at each appointment you have. But don’t fall for those claims that you’ll get dental implants in one visit. If you Read more
  • How to Protect Your Child's Mouth from a Sports Injury
    As spring weather heats up, so do a lot of outdoor sports like baseball or soccer. Unfortunately, the chances of sports-related injuries increase as well. Your child’s mouth in Read more
  • Are You Throwing Away Money?
    Are you throwing away money? It sounds silly when we ask that question, but if you have dental benefits and aren’t using them, that is EXACTLY what you are doing. Read more
  • Help Wanted
    Seeking Front Desk Person with some Assisting Duties. Primary responsibilities will be Dental Front Desk but there may be times when dental x-rays need to be taken or chairside dental Read more
  • J-Lo's Unlucky Break: Chipping a Tooth on Stage
    Whether she’s singing, dancing or acting, Jennifer Lopez is a performer who is known for giving it all she’s got. But during one show, Lopez recently admitted, she gave Read more