• What You Need to Know About Crowns and Bridges
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  • TRUE OR FALSE: You Should Put an Aspirin on a Toothache
    FALSE: Aspirin is salicylic acid (sal-uh-sill-ick ah-sid) with acid being the key word.   As the aspirin dissolves, the acid ends up on your cheek, gums, tongue and other soft tissue and Read more
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  • When They Can't Tell You What's Wrong: Information for Caregivers and Parents
    Sometimes we’re faced with caring for someone who can’t tell us how they feel or if there is a problem.  Sometimes a problem is obvious: a broken tooth or a Read more
  • Fresh Breath Day!
    August 6th is Fresh Breath Day! (Yes, it really has its own day.) For most of us, brushing and flossing are enough to keep our breath fresh. Sometimes we'll use Read more
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