• Occlusal Disease
    Occlusal disease is a relatively new term that the dental profession uses to describe wearing down of teeth that is outside of the wear that occurs with normal use. Teeth Read more
  • Connecting Your Heart and Your Mouth
    We mostly think of heart problems as affecting adults, but some children are born with heart issues. When the heart problem is something you’re born with we call it congenital Read more
  • Why Don't Antibiotics Cure My Tooth Infection?
    February 9th is "Toothache Day" according to the holiday app on my phone. To answer the title question, we need to first discuss the underlying cause of tooth infections. You see, problems Read more
  • Are Your Teeth Worth $1.00 A Day?
    Are your teeth worth $1.00 a day to you? That’s about what it costs if you see your dentist twice a year for dental exams and cleanings.   Why should you go Read more
  • Why Should I Pay For Professional Whitening? Won't Those Drug Store Products Do The Same Thing?
    The answer is, it depends. What it depends on is what you start with and where you want to go. As you will see later, even if you do choose Read more
  • Should You Replace Your Silver Fillings?
    There are two types of fillings in common use in the dental office: amalgam fillings (silver color) and composite fillings (bonded, white or tooth-colored fillings). Many offices are moving away Read more
  • Teeth Whitening
    Some foods and drinks can stain, yellow, or discolor teeth. When this is the case, you may consider whitening your teeth. If you are thinking about whitening your teeth, it Read more
  • Happy New Year!
    Happy 2018! For most of us, the New Year signals a time to make resolutions for the months ahead.  Many of these resolutions revolve around health. How many of us Read more
  • Diabetes and Your Dental Health
    Diabetes is a chronic inflammatory group of diseases that affects your body’s ability to process sugar.  If you have diabetes, you are more prone to infections, so it is extremely Read more
  • Want a Whiter, Brighter Smile?
    Do you dislike the color of your teeth? Perhaps so much so that you avoid having your picture taken or don’t smile very often in real life. If so, you Read more
  • Fluoride: Yes or No?
    Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is absorbed by your teeth as they are forming. It can also help prevent tooth decay by re-mineralizing and strengthening your tooth enamel. Read more
  • Feeling Long In The Tooth?
    If you feel like your tooth is looking longer than it used to, you may be right! The most common reason that teeth look longer is that your gums have Read more
  • Baby Teeth Are Important!
    Myth: You don’t need to take care of your baby teeth because they’re going to fall out anyway. Truth: Baby teeth are important. Your child’s baby teeth assist with speech (and Read more
  • National Brush Day
    November 1st is National Brush Day. Fitting for the day after Trick or Treat, don't you think? While National Brush Day was originally conceived to remind parents to brush their Read more
  • Happy Halloween!
    Be safe trick or treating! And keep your teeth safe from cavities by making sure to brush well after your sugary treats. If you choose something very sticky, take extra Read more
  • Dry Mouth
    Dry mouth is abnormal dryness resulting from decreased saliva. It can be caused by side effects of medications (too many to list!) or by salivary gland damage. Some conditions that Read more