• Choosing a Toothbrush & How To Best Use It
    If you take a trip down the oral health aisle, you’re faced with a dizzying array of toothbrush choices. How do you choose which one is right for you? Soft bristles Read more
  • Oral Piercing: Fashion Statement or Recipe for Disaster?
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  • What's Up With Your TMJ?
    TMJ can be a confusing term. It’s short for TemproMandibular Joint which is your jaw joint. You have2 TMJs (one on each side) and they connect your lower jaw to Read more
  • Governor Permits Dental Offices to Reopen
    Perhaps it is fitting that dental offices have been permitted to reopen during National Dental Care Month (May). However, the reopening does come with some changes! We hope this letter finds Read more
  • A Cautionary Tale
    I don’t share too many personal stories in this column, but there is one I would like to share with my readers.   When I was a teenager, I had braces. Not Read more
  • Teaching Your Children Proper Dental Habits
    How your family dentist in Lorain, OH, can help your child enjoy a healthy smile You teach your children lots of things, and now it’s time to teach them about proper Read more
  • My Teeth Are Sensitive. What Can I Do?
    There are many possible reasons for teeth to be sensitive. Normally, we'd recommend to see your dentist to make sure there is not a tooth problem that is causing the Read more
  • What You Can Do If You Have A Toothache
    Even though Ohio dental offices are not seeing patients for routine care, most consider a toothache a dental emergency. If you are experiencing a toothache, you should call your dentist. Read more
  • What To Do If A Filling Falls Out or A Tooth Breaks & You Can't Get To Your Dentist
    April is National Facial Protection Month. Usually, we'd focus on things like mouthguards for sports, but with dental offices shut down for all but dental emergencies by order of the Read more
  • Mom & Pop Business Day
    March 29th is "Mom & Pop Business Day". Why would that be important to a dental office? Well, most dental offices are still what could be considered "Mom & Pop Read more
  • How Sealants Can Protect Your Child's Smile
    Although flossing and brushing can eliminate some plaque and stuck food particles from your tooth surfaces, they can’t always completely clean those deeper and smaller crevices in the back teeth. Read more
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  • Dentist's Day: March 6th
    Did you know March 6th is Dentist's Day? I didn't either until I saw it come up on an app that lists various lesser-known celebrations. So, in honor of Dentist's Read more
  • VIP Preventive Program
    Did you know we have an in house program that will save you $100.00 or more on your dental care? The enrollment fee includes the two exams, two cleanings* and Read more
  • Your Child's Baby Teeth Are Important!
    National Tooth Fairy Day seems a fitting way to end February's National Children’s Dental Health Month. Traditionally, the tooth fairy takes your child's baby teeth and leaves something in return. Read more
  • Your Mouth Sugars, and Artificial Sweeteners
    A ‘sweet tooth’ is present in humans from birth.  We don’t really know why this is. Sweet foods are not essential to your health. Often empty calories from sweet foods Read more