Changing The Shape Of Your Teeth With Composite Resin (Tooth Colored) Filling Material

Are you wanting to close a gap between your teeth or otherwise change a tooth shape?

Though it is not the most ideal material, composite resin (a tooth colored filling material) is one option to change the shape of your teeth. 

The pros of using composite resin are that it is less expensive than lab made options and that it can often be applied in one visit. (The time needed will depend on how many teeth you plan to have done.) Resin comes in a variety of colors and one of those shades will most likely match the color of your teeth. (There are some people whose teeth do not match with standard shades--that's where the lab's ability to blend colors comes in handy!)

The cons outweigh the pros, however. 

Composite resin is porous so it will stain and discolor over time. (How long that takes depends on your diet and your habits.) This means that you may need to pay to replace it more often than if you invest in a lab made restoration.

There is a limit as to how much longer or wider we can make teeth using only composite resin. The resin relies on a bond to the tooth which can be broken if heavy pressure is applied by the way your teeth come together while chewing or at rest. Biting edges of front teeth are known for chipping or breaking off when resin is used to restore them. The resin also needs to have a solid foundation--if the resin is left unsupported it will often chip or break away. So if the gap you're asking them to close is too wide, this is not the best option to choose. 

*Note: The information in this article is not meant to replace the clinical judgement of your health care professionals.