Please Be Willing To Help Your Dentist's or Doctor's Office If They Ask For Help With Your Insurance!

Most of the time, you (as the patient) come in for your visit, we (the dental office) submit it to your dental insurance, and your dental insurance pays it--a smooth process. But every once in a while, we run into a snag with your dental insurance. When that happens, we do our best to resolve it without having to involve you. But the simple fact is, dental insurance companies see us (dentists and doctors) as someone who is looking to get money from them. Dental insurance companies see you (and your employer if your coverage is through a job) as the ones that pay them the money. 

So who do you think they're more likely to listen to? You guessed it! You or your employer's representative. 

Some things we are not able to correct and must be addressed by you or your company's HR representative. These would be things like an incorrect date of birth in the insurance company's system.

Other times, the insurance company asks for additional information or proof that certain dental care was provided in the past since it is a prerequisite to the treatment sent in. For these we can often submit the information--but some insurance companies are better than others about reviewing it in a timely manner. And this is when we ask you for your help. Often a call from you will prod the insurance company to process the information submitted and provide a decision to you and us. 

Please rest assured that we do what we can to avoid having to involve you, and often by the time we do ask you to get involved, my office has called your insurance a minimum of three times (and often more) trying to resolve the issue. We do appreciate your help in these matters more than we can say!