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  • October is Dental Health Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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October is Dental Health Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October brings with it two causes that are near and dear to my heart: National Dental Hygiene Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

On the surface, the two causes don’t have much in common. Unlike other health conditions, there’s no proof that good dental hygiene will keep you from having breast cancer (or even from having oral cancer—though oral cancer is more likely to be detected early if you are having dental care appointments on a regular basis.)

Look a little deeper and what do you see? Both dental hygiene appointments (often called check ups, recalls or recares) and mammograms are trying to PREVENT future serious disease by finding the problem BEFORE you’d notice it on your own.

It’s rare for cavities or periodontal (gum) disease to have pain in their earliest and most easily treated stages. Usually the problem is very advanced by the time you feel pain. Tooth pain most often signals an abscess (infection) that needs a root canal or removal of the tooth to solve the problem (much more than the simple filling you could do if you find it early!) By the time you feel pain from periodontal disease, so much support has been lost that removing your teeth is often your only option!

Your dental check up visit may include visual exams of your teeth and soft tissues, checking your gums to see how deep the pockets between your teeth and gums are, and x-rays to check in between your teeth where we can’t see and the bone that’s under your gums.

Doesn’t it make sense to do a little now to avoid all that hassle later? We sure think so! 

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Note: The information in this article is not meant to replace the clinical judgement of your healthcare professionals

P.S. If you’re female, I also urge you to schedule your mammogram at the facility of your choice if you’re due or overdue for one.