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Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

It is important to replace missing teeth so that your teeth stay in the correct alignment or pattern. You have choices to replace your missing or damaged teeth. Do you want to go with a fixed bridge, an implant, or a removable partial?

The best, most permanent options are the fixed ones. Fixed means that it is not something you need to take in and out of your mouth. It is attached. It will feel more like it’s part of your mouth and it’s a stonger, more functional choice. A fixed bridge is constructed using crowns or caps on the teeth on both sides and in the space. It is cemented onto your teeth in one piece. It should last many years if you give it the proper care.

You can also have dental implant(s) placed and have crowns cemented on the implant(s). Again, these should last you many years if you give them the proper care.

Removable partials will not feel as strong as a fixed bridge. It’s held in the mouth by clasps around other teeth and by adhesion to your soft tissues (similar to full dentures). Because you can remove it, it is easier for you to clean it and the teeth it holds onto. However, removing it for cleaning also means that there is more chance for it to be damaged.

A fixed option is usually the more economical choice in the long run. It also provides a higher quality of life—we think you’ll agree that better eating and speaking and the ability to show a bright smile are priceless!

Ultimately, the decision is yours and we encourage you to think about it carefully. You can find additional information about each choice in the Patient Education section of my website. If you have any questions, please call my office.


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