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Learning to Live with Dentures

Many people think that getting a full set of dentures is the end to their mouth problems. In reality, that is far from the truth! Learning to wear and function with your new dentures may take a bit of practice at first.

A denture is rigid, but it rests on your soft tissue. Therefore, it is going to move a bit, especially when you first start wearing it. As you get used to it, you will learn to compensate for this movement.

The denture base is extended, so chewing on one side of your mouth may dislodge the other side. The solution is to place food on both sides of your mouth and chew on both sides to balance the force.

Sometimes there are spots where the denture base pushes too much against your soft tissue and causes sores. The dentist who made your dentures should be able to adjust the base of your denture.

You’ll probably also notice that you’re producing more saliva compared to before you put the denture in. This is your mouth’s normal response to something it considers a foreign object. It should subside within a few days of regular wearing.

You may also experience some problems with speaking until your tongue, lips and cheek become used to the denture. You may want to practice reading aloud to help adapt more quickly. If the speaking problem persists, let the dentist who made the dentures know.

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