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Home Care Is Not Enough!

While we certainly hope you are diligent with your home dental program, even the best oral home care is not enough. Your home care is only part of the solution for life-long dental health. The other part of the equation is your routine cleaning appointments and oral health check ups.

Calculus/Tartar is hardened plaque that cements itself to your tooth. Plaque can be moved around with your toothbrush and dental floss, but calculus/tartar cannot. The calculus/tartar is rough and traps bacteria and plaque around it, holding it close to your teeth and gums. Bacteria contribute to both tooth decay and gum disease. A dentist or dental hygienist removes calculus/tartar during your dental cleaning.


Periodontal (or gum) disease has few symptoms in its early stages—and pain is not one of them. The symptoms it does have are often overlooked during your home care. Checking regularly for gum disease is one of the most important parts of your routine dental check up. The earlier gum disease is found and treatment begins, the easier the treatment is (both on you and your pocketbook) and the less likely you are to lose your teeth.


Dental decay or cavities also have few symptoms in their early stages—and pain is often not one of them. By the time a tooth hurts, you will need more than a filling if you want to keep your tooth. You may be making the choice between a root canal and removing your tooth. Sometimes other procedures are needed too so that your tooth can be restored.


Delaying or foregoing dental care can lead to more costly and often painful problems in the future. No matter how good you are at cleaning your teeth at home, visits to your dental office are an important part of your life long oral health.


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