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Go Local!: March 29th is "Mom and Pop Business Day"

It’s 3:00 A.M. and your throbbing tooth has just woken you up out of a deep sleep. Advil and tylenol aren’t easing your pain, and you think your face is starting to swell. Who ya gonna call, a local dentist or one of the big dental chains? Are there advantages to a small dental office? Let’s take a look.


The most common complaint I hear from people coming from dental chains is that they never saw the same person twice. Most small dental offices have only one or two dentists, and it is likely that one of them is the owner of the practice. This means you will see the same dentist at each visit, and your dentist can become familiar with your mouth and your dental history. If you have an emergency, you’ll talk to that same dentist. Chains employ multiple dentists and call is rotated--so the dentist you get in touch with may not know you at all.


As business owners, local dentists have a lot invested in their dental practice. They’re unlikely to close up suddenly and leave as one major dental chain did not too many years ago.


Local dentists also invest in the community where they live. We’re the ones who go out to the schools and community events such as health fairs to provide education or speak to local clubs on topics of interest. We’re the ones more likely to purchase an ad in the programs of local schools, churches, or other community groups. We’re the ones more likely to patronize or refer others to your business if you have one. Numerous studies show a local owner will reinvest 45 cents of every dollar in the local economy while a non-local owner reinvests only about 15 cents of each dollar locally. Which would you rather have? And which do you think is more likely to return your 3:00 A.M. phone call?


If you are having a dental emergency, we hope that you have a dentist on whom you can call. If you do not, we invite you to become part of our dental family by calling 440-960-1940 or using the contact form at www.drjrobb.com.