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Get Your Teeth Into Dental Care

Few people approach a dental appointment with enthusiasm, yet dental care is necessary. (And you’re better off to take care of it before you have a dental problem than to wait—by the time you know you have a dental problem, it is often very expensive and involved to fix!)

There are several sayings related to teeth that have the similar meaning of doing something in a forceful, energetic or enthusiastic way: get your teeth into, sink your teeth into, give teeth to, put teeth in, get the bit between your teeth, and take the bit between your teeth are ones I found while doing a search.

Why are dental appointments so dreaded? There are many reasons. It’s important for you to identify which ones keep you from the dentist and then try to find a way to combat them.

If you don’t like shots or the sound of the drill, you might want to find a dentist who uses a dental laser in addition to the traditional dental drills and see if you can use the laser without “Novocaine” to have your dental work done. The lasers also sound a bit different than the traditional drills. You could also ask if you could bring a music player (MP3 player etc.) and headphones to your visit.

If you don’t like the numb feeling, you might want to ask your dentist if she or he would consider buying OraVerse to give you after the procedure is finished. OraVerse is supposed to help clear out the numbing effects of “Novocaine” more quickly. There might be an additional charge for it, and your insurance might not cover it, but if it saves you from a thousands of dollars visit because you avoided the dentist  . . .

If you’re worried about pain, you could find a dentist who offers laughing gas, twilight sleep or sedation in his/her office.

If finances are an issue, you can try a financing plan like CareCredit.

Chances are, if you have something else that keeps you from going to the dentist, there is a way to make that issue less bothersome. Just ask!

So take the bit between your teeth and make a dental appointment today. If you do not have a dentist, Dr. Robb is accepting new patients. Just call 440-960-1940!