Dressed to the Teeth!

The phrase dressed to the teeth is usually used to mean dressed up or decorated very fancily. It implies that one looks correct from the feet up to the head.


A nice smile is one of your best decorations and a good way to be dressed to the teeth! A few are blessed with naturally shaped, white teeth—the rest of us have to work on it!


If your teeth are nicely shaped and only the color bothers you, whitening your teeth may be just enough to give you that dressed up feel! Whitening can be done in a dental office or at home. Whitening done at the dental office gives faster results but often appears to fade as the saliva rewets your teeth. (It’s similar to how your jeans look darker when they are wet after washing.) Take home whitening is more gradual, but the changes seem to be a bit more long-lasting. Learn more about teeth whitening: Teeth Whitening


But do realize that your teeth have an underlying base color—if you want drastic color change, whitening alone might not be enough!


Minor shape changes may be done by your dentist right in the office by adjusting your tooth or teeth (find out more at Tooth Contouring & Reshaping) or by bonding tooth colored filling material to your teeth (Cosmetic Tooth Bonding). Veneers (more info at Porcelain Veneers) or crowns ( see more at Crowns & Bridgework) may be needed if moderate to major shape changes are wanted or to drastically change tooth color.


If you’d like to see what it would take for your smile to look like you’re dressed to the teeth, please give my office a call and/or check out Smile Makeover on my website. 


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