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Changes to PreMedication for Joint Replacement

If you have a hip replacement or knee replacement, you may find that there are some changes to the recommendations for taking antibiotics prior to your dental appointments compared to when your joint replacement was done. You should discuss this information with your dentist and the doctor who did your replacement.


A recent review of studies by the American Dental Association (ADA) did not show that infections in replaced joints came from dental treatment visits. Since the risks of antibiotic use include C-diff and antibiotic resistances, the ADA concluded that the risks of using antibiotics are higher than the chance of you getting an infection near your replacement joint. The ADA now recommends that dentists not routinely prescribe premedication with antibiotics prior to dental appointments. 


Since each person is different, you should discuss this with your dentist. Your dentist may recommend that you talk with the doctor who did your replacement. Some dentists prefer that the orthopedic office write the prescription if the orthopod wants you to take it.

DISCLAIMER NOTE: The information in this article is not meant to replace the clinical judgement of your healthcare professionals.

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