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Baby Teeth Are Important!

Myth: You don’t need to take care of your baby teeth because they’re going to fall out anyway.

Truth: Baby teeth are important. Your child’s baby teeth assist with speech (and who doesn’t love a child’s smile?) They also hold space for your child’s adult teeth. 

Your child’s first visit to the dentist is important and sets the stage for his or her lifelong view about dental health.

For most children, scheduling the visit early in the day, when they are more rested, is the best thing to do to ensure a positive visit. Some dentists will ask you to wait in the reception area so that they can develop a bond of trust with your child; other dentists will allow you in the room with the child, but may ask you to step out if your child appears to not be listening to the dentist’s instructions. You can help by making sure your child understands that the dentist is a doctor who takes care of the teeth.

Most dentists and their helpers will explain the parts of the dental visit to your child as the visit progresses. Dentists check the teeth and gums, evaluate the bite and alignment of the teeth and jaws. Dental x-rays may be taken to evaluate areas between the teeth or jaw alignment.

Most pediatric dentists recommend that your child be seen around his or her first birthday. Most children will be seen every 6 months, though some conditions might require visits more often. Learn more at Age One Dental Visit

Help your child keep a charming smile. Schedule a dental visit today!


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