Teaching Your Children Proper Dental Habits

How your family dentist in Lorain, OH, can help your child enjoy a healthy smile

You teach your children lots of things, and now it’s time to teach them about proper dental habits. After all, proper at-home care is the most important way to keep a smile healthy. Dr. Jennifer Robb, your family dentist in Lorain, OH, wants to help you and your children enjoy healthy smiles for life—read on to learn more.

Prioritize your child's smile

So, how do you teach your children to keep a healthy smile? The first step is to set a good example by brushing and flossing your own smile. Make sure that your children see these actions, for kids love to copy their parents. Your children should see you brushing after meals and before you go to bed, and have them see you floss at least once each day.

When you teach your child how to brush, stand behind them, with both of you facing a mirror. Have your child watch as you gently brush the teeth in a circular motion, cleaning all of the teeth, and along the gumline. Then, have your child repeat the technique back to you. It may be helpful to buy a sonic or electric toothbrush to make brushing more fun. Make sure to always use a toothpaste containing fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel.

Flossing can be taught when your child is about 4 years old. Have your child hold a hand mirror and watch as you floss down in between each tooth. Then, have your child repeat the technique back to you. Your child should be flossing independently at about 8 years old. Floss picks are often a handy alternative to a piece of floss. They are easier for kids to handle, and they come in kid-friendly shapes.

Proper dental habits wouldn’t be complete without regular visits to your family dentist. A professional dental examination should be performed at least every twelve months, while professional dental cleaning should be performed every six to twelve months. At these appointments, your family dentist can prescribe preventive treatments to keep your children’s smiles healthy.

Proper dental habits can keep your children’s smiles healthy. To learn more about proper dental habits and family dental care services, call Dr. Jennifer Robb, your family dentist in Lorain, OH, at (440) 960-1940.