Mom & Pop Business Day
March 29, 2020
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March 29th is "Mom & Pop Business Day". Why would that be important to a dental office? Well, most dental offices are still what could be considered "Mom & Pop Businesses". With the exception of the corporately owned clinics and the larger practices, most dental offices that have the name of the dentist on them, such as mine: Jennifer G. Robb DMD, are owned by the dentist who works in them--or in some cases dentists. Some are even truly "Mom & Pop Businesses" where both mom and dad are dentists and one or more of their children have also chosen dentistry as a career and all work out of the same office!! How cool is that?

So what are some reasons to choose a "Mom &/or Pop" Dental Office over ones larger ones? 

  • You will have the same dentist or dentists treating you each time. (One of the most common complaints I hear when people switch to my office from one of the larger ones was that they saw a different dentist each time they went for a visit.)
  • Your dentist and her/his staff will get to know you AND can personalize appointments to you. (Corporate practices tend to be centered on productivity and may place limits on appointments, meaning you may need to go multiple times to complete needed services with each visit having a separate charge or you may not get the treatment you need.)
  • A dentist who knows you is more likely to respond to an emergency call from you. 

My goal, when I first noted this holiday was to encourage you to find a small dental office, whether it is my own or another dentist, and use their services--however, since most of us are shut down, except for dental emergencies, due to the coronavirus, that's obviously not feasible. However, if you do find a "Mom & Pop Business" in another field that is still open, please buy something from them to support them. And we dentists hope that once this closure passes, you will strongly consider using or continuing to use our services.


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